The White County Water Authority is governed by a Board of Directors composed of seven members. Each board member serves on a part-time basis for a term of two years and may be reappointed for additional terms.

Appointments to the board are structured in a staggered manner so that there is no more than four new members in any given year to ensure continuity in governance. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary are elected by and serve at the pleasure of the Water Authority Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meet at 7:30 a.m. on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 179 Claude Sims Road in Cleveland, Georgia. These meetings are open to the public.

From an operations standpoint, the Authority utilizes a Board of Directors-Administrator form of organization. The Executive Director is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Board. The Board adopts a balanced budget annually and establishes billing rates and fees for the operations of the Water Authority. The Executive Director has the responsibility of administering operations in accordance with the policies and the annual budget adopted by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

John Ziemer, Chairman
Development Authority of White County Representative

David Sills, Vice Chairman
Upper Chattahoochee River Soil & Water Conservation District Rep.

Charlie Thomas, Treasurer
White County Planning Commission Representative

Craig Bryant, Board Member
White County Board of Commissioners Representative

Fred Garmon, Board Member
City of Helen Representative

Mike Mays, Board Member
General Public of White County Representative

Josh Turner, Board Member
City of Cleveland Representative

WCWA Staff

Edwin Nix is the Executive Director of White County Water Authority, a position he has held since 2014. Mr. Nix became a representative on the Board of Directors for White County Water Authority in 1999; he then became Chairman in July 2010. He, along with his staff, has made the Authority more customer friendly by providing numerous ways of communicating with their customers; for example, the office has setup online and over the phone payment to allow the customers to pay their water bill at their convenience. In addition, two drop box locations are conveniently located within the county for the convenience of the customer to pay their water bill. Mr. Nix is continuing to strive to give our customers and our community the best service possible.

Edwin Nix

Executive Director, White County Water Authority

Lenore Gee
Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

Sherry Buffington
Accounts Payable Coordinator

Ginger Autry
Customer Service Representative